The 3 Popular Choices For Sliding Wardrobe Closet Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors were originally created to address space constraints in a bedroom. They have replaced the swinging closet doors which need some extra space to make way for their swinging open and close action. But as the years moved forward, they have literally transformed from being mere functional wardrobe closet components to decorative ones. Being so, interior designers and home owners alike have made them an integral part of bedroom designs and bedroom improvement concepts as well.

There are 3 types of sliding wardrobe doors that have consistently been the favourites for many homes – the wooden types, the mirrored types, and the glass types. Each of these has their own separate and distinct characteristics that have endeared them to many individual’s preferences and tastes for a wardrobe closet door.

Wooden Wardrobe Sliding Doors – These doors are basically crafted out of dense wood such as maple, mahogany, and teak. Although there are other woods that have been used, these 3 woods are the popular choices because of their dense nature and durability. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of styles and designs which can be had ranging from louvered wardrobe closet panels to crafted wooden panels depending on the creativity of the manufacturer.

Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe Doors – These are literally made out of glass materials coupled with a reflective film on the backside of the glass panel. They are actually just big mirrors crafted to function like a sliding door. This also eliminates the need for a separate full-length mirror inside the bedroom. Although they are much heavier than their wooden counterparts, the reflective elegance that they bring make them suitable choices for a wide range of modern bedroom settings. In addition, most, if not all, mirrored sliding doors are laminated for safety purposes.

Glass-Type Sliding Wardrobe Doors – These doors are available in many styles as well. They can blend well with almost any bedroom theme which an interior designer or a home owner prefers. Smoked glass panels are the popular choice for these types of doors. One type of glass material that has gained popularity is Plexiglass due to its tremendous durability. Plexiglass materials have been used in various applications where superior glass strength is essential (i.e., modern aircraft windows, gigantic aquarium panels, and police riot shields). Plexiglass material is also popularly known as acrylic. Although it may be more expensive than ordinary glass, its superior durability gives the wardrobe closet owner more value for money.

How to Choose Between Sliding Door Wardrobes Over Hinged Door Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes, whether sliding or hinged, are built floor to ceiling and, where appropriate, can in most circumstances be wall to wall. Also, usually both types of wardrobe are built without backs or sides so that you maximise the storage space available. However, some customers prefer to have backs and sides in their wardrobes, which will of course impact on the storage space.

Both sliding door wardrobes and hinged door wardrobes are made-to-measure, so can fit almost any space. With both wardrobe options, you can choose from a number of interior storage options to accessorize with, including; long and short hanging, tie-racks, shoe-racks, trouser rails, draws, shelves and more, so this is no different in each case, however to help you choose:

Hinged Door Wardrobes

The depth for hinged wardrobes is usually up to 100mm less as their is no slider track.
Hinged wardrobe doors swing open so, although the overall depth of the wardrobe is less than a standard sliding wardrobe, the space required is usually more to take account of the door’s ‘swinging’ space.
Hinged doors usually have a maximum size of around 600mm (Approx. 2 foot), so as not to put too much weight on the hinges when they open.
Usually hinged wardrobes have a floor built-in at the height of a standard plinth of around 100mm, which will cut-down the hanging space marginally. However, where the ceiling height is around 2300-2400mm this does not normally pose a problem. Also, if necessary the floor height can be altered to suit the client’s requirements, subject to ceiling height.
With genuine made to measure fitted furniture there are no standard door sizes – so outside of the above maximum size and a practical reason for not having doors too small, hinged doors could be made to any size.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Unlike hinged wardrobes, sliding doors don’t require space to open up into the room.
The standard depth of sliding door wardrobes is around 650mm (Approx. 26 inches), which allows for the running track for the sliding doors. This depth also allows for enough space so that the clothes are not caught by the doors, as they are slid opened or closed. However, if space is limited, then you can always have your clothes hung ‘back-to-front’ within the wardrobe, which is not as practical, but it does overcome a space problem and will reduce the depth required for the wardrobe.
With slider robes you have the option of going for bigger doors and much larger mirrors. Sliding doors can be made up to 1,200 in width, with a choice of mirror, panel, sculptured, frosted or colour glass. However, if cost is no object then slightly bigger doors can be made too.
No standard door sizes – our door sizes are totally adjustable and made to fit your space.
There are no floors in sliding door wardrobes so you get maximum storage facilities.

How To Install Wardrobe Sliding Doors In 6 Easy Steps

Setting up wardrobe sliding doors not only makes accessing your clothing far easier, this can also provide your bedroom with an immediate facelift. From single to double, pine to glass, the sliding or bypass doorway, tends to be your very best choice with regard to making the most of available square footage inside of the closet and in the rest of the room. Setting up the tracks and the doorways isn’t as hard as you might think, either.

Setting Up Your New Interior Sliding Closet Doors

Step One: Get The Dimensions — You will have to calculate the space in which the bifold closet doors will sit. Since every home is different, it’s wise to measure the top and bottom of the closet opening and take these with you to the store.

Step Two: Select And Prep — You will find various kinds of materials to pick from at your residential hardware or home improvement store, and even online. There are decorative mirrors, metals, woods, composites and more, in fact. Once you’ve chosen, you may need to paint or stain them, as needed.

Step Three: Remove Old Doors And Tracks. While it’s obvious that you need to get rid of the doors you’re replacing, not everyone realizes that with new sliding doors come new tracks. Uninstall the old ones and prepare the area for the new set.

Step Four: New Track Setup. You’ll need a drill and the instructions to get this done. Follow the instructions to the letter, since each track is slightly different from the next. You might also need to use a level to ensure that the they are on an even plane. This will help to keep them from popping open when not in use.

Step Five: Installing Mounts And Rollers – If you’re just replacing old sliding closet doors for new ones, installing the new track where the old one used to be is relatively easy. Just use them as a guide for mounting new brackets and rollers. Installing a track from scratch is a bit more difficult. Either way, make sure to screw them in tightly, but not too tightly so they don’t damage the track with tension. That can hinder the doorway’s motion.

Step Six: Hang Them – You’re almost done. All you have to do now is suspend your wardrobe sliding doors on the tracks. You may need to get a friend to help you. Once this is done, your closet is ready to be stocked with clothes, collectibles or whatever else you can dream up to store inside of it.

What to Look for in the Best Wardrobe Sliding Door

Your bedroom is a place where you are sure to spend time every day. It is a great place to sleep and it is also a great place that you can go to get away from everything. It is a very intimate space in which you can choose all of the most intimate items which will look great in your home. Of the many different items that you can choose for your bedroom, it is likely that you will want to install wardrobe sliding door. These are great additions for a few different reasons.

Whenever you are ready to buy these kinds of doors as a replacement or as a new installation in your home, you want to buy the best one. You may not want something which is cheap looking, but you may not have the money to get something which is custom made. This is when you might want to buy a slide which has the appearance that you want and at the price that you can afford. You will get the look that you are going for and you will be able to be happy in your bedroom so that you can truly relax.

Get the Right Look

You can get the right look when you are making sure to choose the sliding bedroom doors which suit your needs. Look for ones which look free standing as well as those which measure the length of the closet. It is possible for you to be able to get the colors which will match the rest of your room or even to buy one with a mirror on it so that you will be able to get the look that you really want to have in your room.

Get the Best Prices

Of course, being able to get the prices that you really want to have is also very important. You need to be able to choose models like ones made of aluminium, or even curved models. These can be found not only in bulk sales, but also direct from the manufacturer when you buy them online. These still come with quality rollers, but they are at a fraction of the price. Doing so will get you a great looking wardrobe sliding door which you will not beat yourself up over the price. You will be glad that you took the time to choose the one that you like best.

Redecorating With Today’s Designer Bedroom Sliding Doors

The latest designer bedroom sliding doors for closets have looks which are modern, sleek, and functional. There are many which are green and environmentally friendly. Whether you are looking for plain closet doors or trendy doors, you are bound to find something to suit your taste amongst the new designer lines of these doors. Many of these doors are also very affordable and easy to install. All you need is a little creative vision and some basic hardware and you are ready to do your own sliding door replacement with these doors.

Many of the newer designer products available on the market today and are made from wood that will compliment almost any room d├ęcor. They are made from wooden materials such as oak and even bamboo. The bamboo options are much greener option to those which are made of timber. Bamboo sliding doors are just as durable, and are sometimes stronger than their wooden counterparts. The bamboo door designs are often offered in lines which also feature room dividers, and an external wardrobe. These additional other bamboos furniture options can be added to your room and further compliment the new look you are giving to your closets.

Wood and Bamboo Doors

There are also options for sliding closet doors which are made from other sustainable woods and recycled wood products. These green options are made in designs which range from contemporary bifold designs, to other designs which are both modern and sleek. Many of these green door options use other environmentally friendly products to enhance their look. You can find sliding doors which have been painted with earth friendly, non-toxic paints. These options make it possible to redecorate your bedroom without having to do damage to the environment. It is no wonder that these designers’ eco-friendly options have become so popular amongst today’s consumers.

Mirrored Doors

Bedroom sliding doors can also be found in designs which are made of mirrors. While mirrored doors have been around for some time, the more modern versions look incredibly impressive. The reason that they are still being made is that they offer so many positive features the rooms that they are placed. To begin with, they enable a person to use wall space for something other than a full length mirror. Plus, the mirrors on these doors are much larger than the mirrors typically available to hang on a bedroom wall. Another feature they offer is that they make a room appear much larger and add more space. All of these reasons are why they are another great new designer option.

Things You Should Know In Building Storage Garage

Most of the houses have available space for gardening, parking lot and even for a patio deck. Utilizing your yard’s vacant space is very helpful in many ways. You can maximize your yard or lawn by placing a tarp in order to give you shade during sunny days. A storage garage has several uses. It is very important to choose for the best materials to ensure durability upon the purchase of your shed or tarp. A lot of homeowners place their broken furniture and other old items in their storage to provide more space in their interior for new items and designs.

Aside from storage, a garage is very useful when you don’t have a particular place where you can park your car safely. Building a shed is strong enough to protect your car against the direct heat of the sun as well as the heavy rain falls. Some mothers love to grow flowers and shrubs in their lawn. A shed is also helpful in protecting your plants from too much heat coming from the sun. At times, your plants need a shade.

It is best to opt for a portable shed or tarp if you have limited space. Aside from being portable, it is easier to install. You may not even need to hire an expert or a contractor to install it for you. In finding the best product, it is very important that you will look for a reliable manufacturer first. It is better to choose branded items which already proven their product credibility and quality in the public for a long period of time. You can also purchase directly to the manufacturer or company without going to shopping malls and hardware. One of the best examples is the online shopping.

A lot of tarps and sheds are available online with the latest styles and designs. Some companies offer great discounts if you will post your orders immediately in large numbers. In building your tarp or shed for a storage garage, it is necessary that you will follow some guidelines to ensure that you are doing the right steps. You can visit some websites which offer free guidelines and procedures in installing a shed or tarp.

You can find so many products and shed plans in online browsing. Just be patient n searching and you will really find the best kind of shed that is suitable for your home exterior. As you check for the quality and durability of materials, next thing you should know is the cost. Always consider the price of the item that you will purchase so that you will prepare enough funds for that matter. Never go beyond your financial capacity so that you won’t experience financial constraint in the future though shed or tarp won’t cost you too much compared to home remodeling and upgrading.

If you are not familiar with building you own shed, look for books, magazines, retails stores and other sources which can give you the step by step process. Building plans for storage sheds or tarps are available online. So do not hesitate to install it if you plan to have one. You can have it installed successfully even if you are a beginner in handling tools, tarps and so on. If you know how to follow instruction carefully, you will never get wrong.

Great Tips For Organizing Your Storage Garage

Often people who own homes use the garage for other reasons aside from parking a vehicle. Storage Garage space is commonplace for this purpose. The challenge with this is that often all of this becomes untidy and the place can soon become one big mess. With a bit of care and attention this need not be the case.

Before you do anything, you need to determine what needs to be stored. This can be done by first seeing what you need and what can be discarded. Do not throw everything away; there may be things that can be sold via a garage sale. This will give you money to buy items for the garage that you can use to make your garage look neater.

One way to go is to install cabinets in this room. Some of the items will be stored in the cabinets and other stuff will be placed elsewhere. Once you have decided upon this, you can make choices about the size of the cabinets. These cabinets can be obtained in plastic, wood or metal. They may also be mounted on the wall or be freestanding. If you have pesticides and chemicals then you would need lock up cabinets to keep these out of harms way.

Shelves are a nice addition to the cabinets. They can be home made for very cheap using plywood. Alternatively, pre-made metal or shelves can be used. The ceiling is a great place to contain items as well. Camping equipment and Christmas decorations can be kept here.

Using this space frees up the floor space for other items. Many items can be kept out of view if placed here. Plastic bins can be used to contain items and then placed in the rafters.

You can easily increase your Storage Garage space with a little effort and common sense, add effort to this and you are in business.